​Paws Up 4 You, LLC
Strengthening Your Canine Connection
 Through Proper Nutrition, Socialization & Pawsitive Leadership
Here are the classes we offer

All of our classes are taught using only Pawsitive methods

Companion Basic Class
This class is designed for you and your dog to learn basic commands and build trust using Pawsitive leadership. You and your k9 pal will learn Sit, Down, Come and the beginning of Stay, Leave It and of course Leash Manners. Our dogs work so hard to make us happy and please us that we forget they need the opportunities to be dogs! Cost is $95.00 + Tax for a 6 week course!

Advanced Basic
This class is designed to help reinforce and integrate everything you have learned in basic. This helps work on stay, leave it, leash manners and much more! Advanced will help you be prepared for Distraction Class and the real world! Cost is $95.00 plus Tax for a 6 week course.

This is the next step in helping your dog to become a balanced member of your family. in this class we will be working on Stay with distraction, Leave It and Leash Manners.  We do this by taking every day situations and taking then to extremes.   This is a 6 week class and the cost is 95.00 + tax.

This is Canine Good Citizen combined with Therapy Dog International .This class is an open ended class.  This means that we do not end this class until everyone in the class is able to pass the evaluation. The cost of this class is $125.00 + Tax

Barn Hunt
This class is all about fun! Test your pups natural instinct and natural agility to find rodents hidden in straw bales. It's a great time to bond with your pup and let them call the shots! The cost of this class is $95.00 plus tax for 6 runs.

All classes and services are non-refundable
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